Genesis 2

Please join us next week at Defending Christianity for Lecture 7 of the Theology and Evangelism Module, and the final lecture of this course until Fall 2018.


“Genesis 2”
Dr. Martin Poenie

Tuesday, June 5, 2018
7:00 – 8:15 pm
Join us 7:00-7:15 pm for fellowship
Optional 30 minute Q&A to follow the lecture

Room 4.114 (use the NW lobby entrance)
Hill Country Bible Church
12124 Ranch Rd 620 N
Austin, TX

This event is free and open to the public. Refreshments will be provided.


In general, my presentation will be about the relationship between Genesis 1 and 2. These two chapters form the heart of the JEPD theory of the assembly of the Torah and have been used for more than a century, at least since Julius Wellhausen, to undermine the inspiration and authority of the Bible. We will show that if you let the words mean what they normally would, the relationship between Genesis 1 & 2 becomes completely plausible. Unlike conventional thinking, Genesis 2 is not a rehash of the creation story that ends up making the Bible contradict itself.

I will begin by asking the question, “who was Cain worried about when he says in Genesis 4:14 (NASB)  Behold, You have driven me this day from the face of the ground; and from Your face I will be hidden, and I will be a vagrant and a wanderer on the earth, and whoever finds me will kill me.” In the end, by analyzing the text, we can provide a plausible answer to this question.

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